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LED street lights advantages and characteristics
May 15, 2018


1, its own characteristics - one-way light, no light diffusion, ensuring light efficiency.

2, long life: can use more than 50,000 hours, to provide three years of quality assurance The inadequacies of the power supply can not be guaranteed.

3, Easy installation: no need to bury the cable, no rectifier, etc., will be directly connected to the lamp post or the light source will be nested in the original lamp shell.

4, LED street lamp has a unique secondary optics design, the LED street light to the desired lighting area, to further improve the light efficiency, in order to achieve energy-saving purposes.

5, LED street light color rendering is much higher than high pressure sodium lamp, high pressure sodium lamp color rendering index of only 23 or so, and LED street lamp color rendering index of 75 or more, from the perspective of visual psychology, to achieve the same brightness, LED street light can average the illumination More than 20% lower than high pressure sodium lamp.

6, Light decay is small, light decline of less than 3% a year, use of 10 years still meets the road requirements, and high pressure sodium light declines, a year or so has dropped more than 30%, therefore, LED street lamps in the use of power design Can be lower than high pressure sodium lamps.

7, LED street lights have automatic control of energy-saving devices, can achieve the maximum possible reduction of power in the case of meeting different lighting requirements, save energy.



The difference between the LED street light and the conventional street light is that the LED light source adopts low-voltage DC power supply, and the high-efficiency white light synthesized by the GaN-based power blue LED and yellow has high efficiency, safety, energy saving, environmental protection, long service life, fast response, and color development. The advantages of the index are high and can be widely applied to roads. The cover can be used to produce high temperature resistance of 135 degrees and low temperature resistance of -45 degrees.

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