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Basic specifications and fixing methods for lawn lamp installation
Jan 11, 2019

    We all know that lawn lights are installed in residential areas, industrial parks, school campuses, business parks, and various venues in parks, flower beds, lawn lights, or bushes. The height of the lawn lights is less than 1 meter. It's all mud, so we'll make a foundation to fix the lawn light in the installed location. How big is the base of the lawn light?

Here are two of the following:

Which method we use on these two foundations depends on the installation environment and geological conditions.

1. Expansion screw fixing method:

    The first type of concrete pier is fixed by expansion screws, that is, a pit depth of 200-400mm is directly placed at the position where the lawn lamp is installed (depending on the test site environment), and the surface is 300*300mm.

(It can be changed according to the size of the base plate of the lamp); the position of the buried earth pipe (ie, the installation position of the lamp) is mixed with the center of the concrete; the cement concrete is poured on site, and the buried pipe is buried together, only about 100mm Pipe nozzle (use of tape or other package to avoid filling the concrete when pre-buried), when the lawn lamp is installed, the field drilling is fixed according to the {fine} actual flange fixed vacancy drilling screw.

2. Pre-buried foot cage fixing method:

    The second difference between the foundation of the pre-buried foot cage and the first one is that we must first make the embedded part and the foot cage, and make the relative anchor bolt according to the fixed position and size of the lawn lamp flange. Generally, there are 3 bolts, and the square is 4 bolts. The bolt spacing must be made according to the spacing of the holes above the flange and the welding is firm. When the concrete is poured, the bolts are deformed or displaced, so when installing the lawn lamp More trouble, the base size of the pre-buried foot cage, we still have to dig 200-400mm deep according to the installation environment and the size of the lawn lamp (test site environment), surface area 300*300mm (can change according to the size of the lamp base plate) ).

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