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Community garden lamp maintenance and maintenance management method
Dec 17, 2018

First, the development of community garden lamp management norms

1. Strengthen the training of maintenance personnel: On the one hand, urban garden lights are closely related to the life of the citizens. The quality of its operation directly affects the image of the party and the government. It is necessary to improve the maintenance personnel's understanding of the maintenance work of garden lights and enhance their sense of responsibility. On the other hand, with the acceleration of the advancement of urban garden lighting technology, the extensive use of new technologies requires maintenance personnel to continuously update the maintenance expertise to meet the needs of the work.

2. Accelerate the update of maintenance equipment: the expansion of the city, the increase in the number of garden lights and the service area, so that the workload of maintenance personnel will increase greatly. Without increasing the number of personnel, it is necessary to continuously improve and update the maintenance equipment to improve work efficiency.

3. Implementing the maintenance target responsibility system: On the basis of demarcating the garden light management area, implement the maintenance responsibility system at all levels to implement the fixed person, fixed post, and responsibilities, to do regular inspections, regular maintenance, and where to find problems. Responsibility.

4. Strengthen the implementation of garden lamp management: On the one hand, speed up the formulation of normative documents on garden lamp management, and create conditions for legal management; on the other hand, the property department will increase the enforcement of garden lights and seriously investigate and punish the destruction of garden lamp facilities. Ensure that the garden light installation is functioning properly.

Second, the daily management of community garden lights

1. The courtyard lights in the community shall not hang items on the lamps, such as drying cotton quilts.

2, frequent switching, will greatly reduce its service life, so when using the luminaire, try to reduce the switch of the luminaire;

3. When the lamp cover is tilted during use or cleaning, it should be calibrated to maintain the appearance;

4. When adjusting the lampshade, pay attention to avoid the reflection of the shadow when the trigeminal bracket in the lamp is illuminated;

5. According to the light source parameters provided by the sign, replace the aging lamp in time, and find that the two ends of the lamp are red, the lamp is black or there is black shadow, and the lamp is not bright, the lamp should be replaced in time to prevent the ballast from appearing. Unsafe phenomena such as burnout.

Third, the daily cleaning of the community garden lights

1. Landscape garden lighting is generally dusty. When cleaning, use a wet rag to wipe it. Keep the movement in the same direction. Do not smear back and forth. The intensity should be moderate and should not be washed directly with water.

2. Clean the inside of the lighting. When cleaning the light bulb, first turn off the light. When wiping, you can remove the light bulb separately. If cleaning directly on the luminaire, do not rotate the bulb clockwise to avoid over-tightening of the lamp cap.

3, the courtyard lamp base wiring door is clean, the various leaves and branches of the soil inside the wiring door should be cleaned, and some unmanaged garden lights or lawn lights will have mice or other animals in the nest. In particular, it avoids the situation where the mouse is easy to bite off the wire, resulting in short circuit leakage。

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