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Community garden lights / square garden lights technical requirements
Jan 11, 2019

Garden lights, as residential lighting, landscaping, park scenic spots, urban sidewalks, commercial streets and other landscape lighting projects, can be used as landscape garden lights. As a wide range of garden lights, we should pay attention to the technical requirements when selecting and designing. And the norm?

First, the technical requirements of the garden pole:

1The courtyard lamp pole is 7 degrees seismic, and the wind resistance is 40 meters/second.

2 The garden light pole body and the lamp arm material are steel plates, and the wall thickness of the light pole is greater than or equal to 3.0 mm (for the net thickness of the steel plate excluding galvanized and sprayed layers),

3 Light poles, lamp arms, lamp panels and all metal fittings should be hot-dip galvanized and electrostatically sprayed. The galvanized layer is required to be uniform, and the thickness is not less than 65 μm; after galvanizing, it should be passivated, the surface is smooth, the thickness of the sprayed layer is not less than 100 μm, and the adhesion is above two.

The dimensions of each part of the 4 poles are shown in the figure. The position of the pole door, the dimensions of the joints of the junction box, the grounding end, and the flange are shown in the attached drawings.

5 Garden poles are hot-dip galvanized and coated with polyester powder on the surface.

Second, the technical requirements of garden light lamps

1 The main body of the garden lamp is made of high-pressure die-casting of aluminum alloy. It should have high purity of aluminum, strong corrosion resistance, simple appearance, smooth lines, firm structure, anti-corrosion treatment on the surface of spray or baking paint, smooth and beautiful. Requires good quality and good adhesion, no fading, no falling off.

2The garden light luminaire reflector is made of high-purity aluminum, and the surface is oxidized and coated with silica. The surface has no obvious scratches, reasonable light distribution, high light efficiency and low glare optical system.

3 The lampshade has a light transmittance of more than 90%; the lampshade has no bubbles on the surface, and obvious scratches and cracks.

4 lamp base, which is composed of internal bubble replacement structure, internal parts are made of fire retardant material, and exposed fasteners are made of stainless steel.

5 The insulation resistance of the lamp is not less than 2MΩ, the internal wiring is copper core double-sheath insulated wire, the core wire cross-sectional area is not less than 1.5mm2, and the insulation thickness of rubber or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulated wire is not less than 0.6mm.

Third, the technical requirements of the garden lamp electrical

1 Electrical safety level: Class I, the lamp should have a dedicated grounding terminal.

2 protection grade, sealing performance: electrical cavity IP54;

3 power factor: 0.85 or more.

4 The electrical door is 250-300mm from the ground, the opening is 200mm long and the width is 80-100mm.

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