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Discussion on how to improve the color rendering of LED street lamps
Nov 27, 2017

At present, white light LED is commonly used by blue led superposition of yellow light excited by Blu-ray aluminum garnet fluorescent powder, synthetic white light. Because only the two spectra of blue and yellow are present in the luminous spectrum, the problem of high color temperature and low color index is not suitable for the general lighting requirement. The sensitivity of human eye to chromatic aberration is much higher than that of light intensity, for illumination, the color rendering of light source is often more important than luminous efficiency. Therefore, it is an important subject in LED white light illumination to add a proper amount of fluorescent powder with red light and to keep high luminous efficiency.
LED street light color, related to the reality of the object, in hospitals, laboratories and other objects to the real sense of the higher requirements of the place, the color of the requirements will be very high. We often see that some objects in the light of the lighting has been distorted, either too yellow, or too white, or too cold, the true nature of the spectrum in accordance with the sun's spectrum to design. In the shopping malls, LED lights of the color rendering is more important, some lights under the clothing can appear more beautiful and good-looking, paint removal agent to seize the LED lamp color rendering, do a good job of decoration is a business research topic

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