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How is the LED street lamp treated with water and corrosion resistance?
Sep 28, 2018

Many people ask how to deal with waterproof and anti-corrosion LED lights for outdoor use. For high-performance coating of critical lines and components, the drive part is potted. The road lighting system adopts the principle of different lighting schemes according to different situations, and divides the system into day mode, night mode and late night mode. The time period in which the start of the three modes ends can be manually set.

In day mode, outdoor LED street lights are off by default. When there is severe weather such as typhoon and heavy rain, the illuminance sensor can automatically perceive the ambient light intensity to a certain value, and then send a message to the single-chip microcomputer. After the MCU analyzes and judges, the control command is sent to control the outdoor LED road light to become bright.

Single lamp control and multi-strategy control are the core functions of the LED street lighting system. The so-called single lamp control means that the state of each street lamp is independently controlled by the host computer and the local MCU. The multi-strategy control indicates that the intelligent local control of the street lamp can be realized according to the environmental change, or the manual operation can be realized by the upper computer at a special time, for example, the artificial light is turned on during the holiday period.


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