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How solar street lamps are used in lamps and lanterns
Nov 27, 2017

With the maturity of LED technology, LED lighting in rural household lighting and agricultural lighting applications more and more widely. The State attaches great importance to the development of rural and agricultural, and the power of Solar street lamp has been strengthened in recent years.
The radiant energy of the sun is inexhaustible and can be used freely by human beings. In the world energy shortage, environmental pollution increasingly serious today, the full development of the use of solar energy is the world's governments sustainable development strategy decision-making.
Solar LED street lamps in the power consumption, life and environmental protection have incomparable advantages, coupled with the energy-saving solar lamps and installation is simple, so where there is a power-frequency AC lighting, LED lamps will reach the tentacles.
Solar LED lamps in the daytime through solar modules to collect sunlight energy, and convert it to electrical energy storage, at night light LED lighting, is a modern green environmental protection energy-saving products. Intelligent control System, All-weather power supply without management personnel. In the system design to consider even the rain weather, the usual surplus of electricity stored in the battery, to ensure that the rainy days have enough power to use. Solar photovoltaic panels will be too sunlight conversion of electricity, through the intelligent Solar Controller to the existence of the battery group, when the natural illumination reduced to the need for lighting, the intelligent controller comparison circuit and then the battery power output to the LED light-emitting source emitting visible light. When the natural illumination is no longer needed to illuminate the light source, and then through the intelligent controller comparison circuit turn-off output to the LED source of light source, so that solar street light sources no longer luminous energy consumption.

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