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LED landscape light design considerations
Aug 07, 2018

LED landscape lights are widely used in our urban landscape design. The design of good landscape lights must be in a very harmonious relationship with the surrounding environment. Generally speaking, the landscape lights are in various forms and are buried in the soil. They are made up of lampposts, hanging on trees, etc. Different forms adapt to different environments, and they cannot be moved hard. Before designing, be sure to fully understand the urban landscape and local customs and habits. The factors are comprehensively considered so that the effects of the landscape lights can be fully utilized.

Secondly, the design of LED landscape lights must fully consider the needs of people, and can not be designed for design. If the basic needs are not met, then the landscape lights will lose its existence value. When designing landscape lights, only Taking full account of various factors, and taking into account the effects of lighting, angles, and the use of energy, it is possible to design a landscape light that the public likes, and only such a landscape light can fully realize its value.


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