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LED Landscape Lighting
Nov 27, 2017

In high-power products, led in landscape lighting and LED street lamps are still the focus of the market. On the data, LED landscape lighting products penetration rate is gradually increasing, the government's strong support LED street lamps have also been a certain development, but because LED lamps still face the heat dissipation and light efficiency factors such as restrictions, market development is still in its infancy stage. For LED products, 0.5W and 1W products will still be the mainstream application in the lighting market. For LED lighting applications, throughout the field of lighting, LED lighting application is still in a weak position, the main application is still concentrated in landscape lighting, interior decoration, led street lamps and other fields, led into the general lighting market still need a certain amount of time. In recent years, LED street lamps gradually get the attention of the market, the application of the diversified development, the Government is actively promoting the construction of LED street demonstration stage, such as the end of 2008, Guangdong launched the "Trinidad 100,000" program and the Tianjin University of Technology led demonstration project. Although local governments and agencies are actively promoting the development of LED street demonstration projects, but because of the current led product stability and so on have to be upgraded, and product prices still have a gap with the traditional products, LED lighting commercial promotion still need a certain amount of time. In addition to LED lighting, low-temperature lighting in recent years in the global market has also been considerable development, as a new led niche market, the United States, Japan and China's Taiwan supermarkets have the use of LED low-temperature lighting products, although the market in China has not yet started, but the future still has a broad market prospects.

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