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LED lawn light installation should pay attention to the spacing
Oct 08, 2018

LED lawn light fixtures use a height of 0.5 meters, 23 watts of energy-saving lamps require a spacing of about 11 meters, so that the best lighting effect, can save a lot of cost. The distance between the garden lights is about 25 meters. The lawn lights are subject to specific conditions and requirements. Some rockeries and places around the pavilion will be installed more. The installation of lawn lamp is a problem that needs to be considered in many aspects. When the user installs it, it must be paid attention to it. It is necessary to select a good quality lamp, especially in a relatively humid place, and it is necessary to select a certain preventive effect. Lamps. The lawn lamp is installed to ensure the installation effect is good, and it can also play a safe effect, so that the use effect is better displayed.

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