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LED street lamps have good visual effect but high power integration
Nov 27, 2017

There is a reflective cup of shielding, high-power integrated packaging LED street lamps good visual effect. To prevent the eyes from looking directly at the strong light point, but the requirements of the heat dissipation is very high, multiple chip integrated encapsulation lumen value is relatively low. Light color and lighting quality, integrated packaged LED light source shows a unique advantage: the same luminaire will not appear uneven color phenomenon, light emitting light in the irradiation plane evenly thorough, with a good visual comfort, will not appear to bother with the combined lighting phenomenon, driven by a single drive, fewer ports, strong reliability , the line arrangement does not appear the electromagnetic interference inside the light source, can realize the electrodeless dimming function conveniently, the power conversion rate is high 95% or so on the advantage.
New LED Street lamp cooling module: Cooling to 40° LED Street lamp Cooling module + Integrated Package LED module
Fan Cooling mode system is complex, the current LED street light cooling methods are mainly: landscape lamp natural convection heat dissipation, add fan forced cooling, heat pipe and loop heat pipe cooling. But there are many inadequacies. Low reliability, often the life of the fan is shorter than the chip, has long been abandoned by the industry. Heat pipe heat dissipation is accepted by the industry, but the effect is far-fetched. There is another one is to heat the heat sink, but because the appearance of limited, the effect is unsatisfactory.
The characteristics of the new LED street lamp Cooling module Solution:
The entire structure is called the radioactive solar-flower cylindrical structure, 1 the heat dissipation structure directs the heating body to the center axis of the starting point up and around the distribution. Maximizing the appearance of the product is conducive to the diffusion of heat to the air.
Aluminum is a relatively good thermal and other properties of metal, 2 of the radiator using a special high thermal aluminum alloy data. Through the appearance of special disposal, almost no corrosion, life indefinitely long. 3 This solution creatively adds a special medium to the radiator center, which uses a physical principle to quickly spread heat through the inner surface of the radiator lamp shell, which is then removed by the fins and air exchange of the high heat dissipation material. This structure can be used to increase the length of the radiator to control the LED temperature, so that the LED temperature is close to room temperature 30 degrees.
By increasing the length of the radiator, this new heat dissipation structure can really make the optical decay life more than ten years. The scheme can be used in more than 1000 watts projection lights, searchlights, is developing 400w600w800w1200w above the projection lights, searchlights "It is reported that this solution can be used not only in LED street lamps, but also in other high-power LED lights, such as sports fields, airports, docks, solar street lamps, Golf course lights, RGB stage lights, RGB landscape projection lights, square lights, military searchlights, etc., all need good thermal performance.
But because of the heat dissipation problem, the high power integrated package LED street lamps There are two main types of street lamps: Many small power led combination of street lamps and high-power integrated package LED street lamps. Although the latter has a better visual effect. To the photoelectric as the representative of the mainstream of the Chinese mainland led street lamp manufacturers have chosen a number of small power led combination street lamps, to do integrated packaging LED street lamps at home and abroad only a few.
A single chip encapsulates a high lumen value. But the visual effect is poor, many small power led combination Street lamp is easy to solve the heat dissipation. The starry sky, the road shadow overlap, easy to cause the driver's visual fatigue or blurred, and the lamp circuit system complex lamp circuit port more, the reliability reduces, the circuit is not easy to realize dimming, easy to damage, the power conversion rate is about 85% lower.

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