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LED street lights are increasingly used in residential areas
Feb 01, 2019

Nowadays, the LED street lamps used in many communities are getting higher and higher. For a modern community, especially in the greening environment, there are certain requirements, especially in the community night environment.

Outdoor LED street light type and community design, the width of the road in the community, there is no high vehicle, but also convenient for later maintenance. The height of the residential LED street light is within 4 meters. The lighting of the residential roads, while ensuring the brightness, must also have a good effect with the greening during the day, but also consider the coordination of the architectural style and the greening environment, and strive to combine the effects of light and shadow. The safety of the luminaires, it should be noted that under the larger green trees, it is best not to have the street lights of the arms. To be simple and smooth, it is necessary to consider that there are nets and bugs in the summer, so the degree of protection of the lamps should not be low.

The position of the LED street light should be consistent with the road of the community. Note that the outdoor lighting can not adversely affect the indoor environment and cannot cause light pollution to residents.

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