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Looking at China through the landscape
Nov 27, 2017

Light is the city's eyes and the image of the city. We often can see more things through a trivial situation, take landscape lights, although the lighting industry is not a high-tech industry, but from this industry can indirectly see a lot of problems. And at present, the landscape lamp industry's rapid development, a lot of new technology and new energy technology can be achieved in the landscape lamp, through the landscape lamp, we will see a lot of unknown knowledge.
We judge whether a city is developed, and whether the night lights are bright enough to illustrate the problem. The more advanced the city often nightlife is more wonderful, and night life of the wonderful will inevitably need lighting and lighting, and landscape lamp is composed of a brilliant night of an important member, through the landscape lights can be seen a city's development status. The same reason, the current lighting market is the most fiery led lamps, a city's LED lights are universal, from the landscape lights can be very obvious.
Because LED lighting has less power consumption, small size, long life and other advantages, to become the country's first choice to promote energy conservation and environmental protection products. is currently in a large range of LED lighting growth period. China's implementation of the LED unprecedented strength, the introduction of various subsidies policy, a city of the popularity of LED lamps can also see how fast its development.
Through the landscape lights can be seen, China's large-scale lighting demand, with the increase in cost-effective LED lighting, will gradually enter a variety of civil and commercial fields, for which brings huge market space. China has become the world's largest outdoor LED lighting market, with the development of the civilian market, China's largest traditional lighting market will inevitably be replaced by LED lighting. It is understood that LED lighting in the world has formed in the United States, Asia, Europe-led three industry pattern, while our country is in the second echelon, world-renowned LED enterprises also actively layout the Chinese market, domestic led has been completed from the LED chip, packaging, application of a whole industry chain layout. Soon after, China will become the world's largest LED lamp production country.

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