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Outdoor landscape lights, garden lights, lawn lights installation steps and methods
Dec 04, 2018

The outdoor landscape lamp, garden lamp and lawn lamp are mainly composed of light source, lamp, light body light-transmitting material, lamp pole, flange, and basic embedded parts.


First, wire and tube, steel pipe laying:

1 Design and use of electric and steel pipes, dark steel pipe, construction in accordance with wire and pipe, steel pipe laying sub-project construction technology standards, strict wire pipe, steel pipe purchase, junction box, lamp box, switch box, etc. must have product certification .

2 The pre-embedded pipe should be closely coordinated with the civil construction, firstly to meet the arrangement of the water pipes, and secondly to the electrical piping position.

3 The outdoor distribution line is laid by laying the cable through the HDPE pipe. The buried depth of the pipeline is 0.7 meters. When crossing the water system, the buried depth is not less than 0.5M. When crossing the motor vehicle, the steel pipe is laid. When the garden lamp line meets the branch, the L500.W300.H700 crossing well is located next to the garden lamp. All the branch branches should adopt reliable waterproof measures (such as IP62 waterproof junction box).

Second, threading: pipe threading must be strictly controlled to wire the wire, the specification of the wire must meet the design requirements, and there is a factory certificate, check the insulation resistance after the arrival of the wire, the core diameter diameter, the material and the weight of each roll meet the requirements, The size of the pipe diameter should be selected according to the size of the pipe diameter. The specifications and materials of the nylon crimping cap, wiring nose, etc. must meet the requirements. Pipe threading should be carried out after the completion of the building structure and civil construction work. First wear the belt line, use Φ1 0.2~2.0MM wire, leave the remaining amount of 10~15CM at both ends, and then clean the soil of the pipe, switch box, socket box, etc. dust. When threading, pay attention to the wires of the same AC circuit must be in the same tube. Different circuits, different voltages and AC and straight wires should not penetrate into the same tube, except for the following cases: the standard voltage is less than 50V; the same equipment or The power circuit of the same flow line equipment and the control circuit without special anti-interference requirements; several circuits of the same lantern; several circuits of the same kind of illumination, but the total number of ducts in the tube should not exceed 8. The reserved length of the wire: wiring, switch box, socket box and lamp box are 15CM, and the distribution box is 1/2 of the circumference of the box.

Third, the installation of lamps:

1 lamps, light source according to design requirements, all lamps should have product certification, the wiring inside the lamp is strictly prohibited, complete lighting accessories.

2 Check whether the lamps meet the requirements according to the installation site, check the wiring inside the lamp, the lamp installation must be firm, the position is correct, neat and beautiful, and the wiring is correct. The lamps above 3KG must be pre-magnesium hooks or bolts, which are lower than 2.4M lamps. The metal casing should be grounded.

3 After the installation is completed, the insulation resistance of each branch is tested and allowed to run. After power-on, carefully check whether the control of the luminaire is flexible, prepare, switch and luminaire control sequence. If the problem is found, you must first power off, and then find the cause for repair.

Fourth, grounding protection and safety measures:

1 Grounding protection adopts TT mode, and a closed annular artificial grounding device is arranged around the outdoor lighting box. The grounding pole is made of 50 * 50 * 5 L2500 hot-dip galvanized angle steel, the connecting line is 40 * 4 hot-dip galvanized flat steel, the grounding pole spacing is 5m The buried depth is 0.8 meters and the grounding resistance is not more than 10 ohms.

2 All the grounding terminals of the lamps in the system are connected to the PE busbar of the lighting box and grounded through the PE cable.

3 In order to protect against lightning strikes, a surge protector is installed in the outdoor lighting box.

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