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Precautions for purchasing and installing garden lights
Mar 28, 2019

Nowadays, the garden lights are favored by most people. The demand for garden lights is getting bigger and bigger. We can see the garden lights in both the community and the villa. There are many styles of garden lights. The demand is really various. Some people choose according to their mood. Some people choose according to the environment. Do you know what to pay attention to when purchasing and installing garden lights?
Precautions for purchasing and installing garden lights
1. In the choice of lighting style, try to choose the garden light that matches the courtyard style. Such as a good community, generally choose modern garden lights, simple and beautiful. If private villas, most of them prefer to choose classical and European garden lights, elegant and charming. Matching the environment, the overall effect will look more beautiful.
2, the color temperature of the garden lamp is also required. A light source that is too cold is not suitable for private gardens. Generally, it is necessary to choose a softer and warmer. If it is too cold, it will give people a feeling of cold and clear.
3, the layout of the garden lights is not placed in the raft, generally according to the size of the road to arrange the garden lights. If the temperature is too dense, the lighting will be very concentrated, which will affect people's visual experience and is very wasteful. Roads larger than 6m should be arranged bilaterally symmetrically or in a zigzag arrangement. The distance between the lamps should be between 15 and 25m. The roads with less than 6m should be arranged on one side and the lamps should be kept between 15 and 18m.
4, the garden lights should do lightning protection measures to prevent problems before they happen.
5. If it is a solar garden, in the northern region, try to choose a battery with better cold resistance. Do not install the battery directly under the solar panel during installation, as much as possible buried in the ground.
6, garden lights should be installed in the anti-theft, waterproof, anti-freezing measures, etc., regularly check the components of the garden lights, if problems occur, need to be dealt with in a timely manner.
There are many things to be aware of when purchasing and installing garden lights. I will not explain them one by one here. Learn more about the product before you buy it, in case it is deceived by some unscrupulous merchants. When installing, try to install it by special person, and carefully check it after installation.30-80w-led-garden-light-die-casting-body15122946345

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