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The development of LED streetlights has entered the Golden age
Nov 27, 2017

With the development of the Times, the city's night scenery is always the ornament. No matter where you go, that piece of light is gorgeous, is the direction of your trek. Street lamps, everywhere, but it really shines on every city night, let the people go home safely. In the world are advised to save energy and environmental protection environment, LED street lights rushed into each country, each city, known as the 21st century the most open prospects of green lighting source. LED street lamps and traditional high-pressure sodium lamp contrast, flashed out its charm together. First of all, LED street light source power is now reached 110-130lm/w, its expansion space is still very large, theoretically can reach 250lm/w. And the high pressure sodium lamp's luminous power is increases with the power, therefore, the LED street lamp light efficiency is stronger than the high-pressure sodium lamp, arrives the energy saving goal. Second, according to the scientific data flash, LED street light color is much higher than high-pressure sodium lamp, the general high pressure sodium lamp color index only about 23, but the LED street color index can reach more than 75, that is, the arrival of equal brightness, led street light illumination uniformity can be lower than 20% of the high-pressure sodium lamp. Third, LED road lights fade very small, data flash, it's a year of light decline is less than 3%, so even if the use of 10, it can still reach the distance of the use of illuminance demand, and high pressure sodium lamp is large, a year or so can be reduced to more than 30%, therefore, in the use of LED lighting design power, Can be much lower than HPS. Finally, the use of LED street lamps long, it can use more than 50,000 hours, and supply 3 years of quality assurance, compared to the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp, can save a lot of cost, and its unique automatic control of energy-saving equipment, so that she can meet the different time period under the maximum can reduce power, save electricity; It does not contain harmful metal mercury, in the scrap can not constitute any damage to the environment. Today, the green environmental protection gradually into everyone's vision, energy-saving environmental protection concept is increasingly popular, LED street lamp is a gorgeous future.

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