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What are the differences between garden lights and landscape lights?
Sep 20, 2018

The vast majority of people have always used garden lights and landscape lights to be about the same thing. Listen, it's about the same thing. But this is not the case. Since the garden lights are the same as the landscape lights, why do we have to separate the two titles? But if they are different, where is the difference?"

There are differences between garden lights and landscape lights, which have the following characteristics.

LED garden lights are mainly used for lighting gardens in narrow and slow lanes, walkways and small squares. They are the most commonly used lamps in garden environments.

Landscape lights compare the characteristics of the pursuit of the appearance of the lighting and the characteristics of the night lighting effects: the garden lights are more concerned about the simplicity of the appearance of the lamps and the effect of night lighting. The choice of the appearance of landscape lights and garden lights should be coordinated with the garden style or theme.

The distance between landscape lights is generally 15-20 meters, which is determined according to the size and illumination of the lamps. The layout of the garden lights in the small area should be avoided as far as possible in the vicinity of the first floor residents to avoid lighting interference to the residents.


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