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What are the important parts of LED garden lights?
Nov 27, 2017

LED Courtyard lamp is an outdoor lighting, its light source is the use of a new LED semiconductor as a light-emitting body, usually refers to 6 meters of outdoor road lighting, the main components by: LED light source, lamps, light rods, flanges, base embedded Parts 5 parts, because the LED courtyard lamp has a variety, Aesthetics has the characteristics of beautifying and decorating environment, so it is also called landscape LED garden lamp. LED with: energy-saving, high efficiency and other characteristics, mainly used in urban slow lanes, narrow lanes, residential areas, tourist attractions, parks, squares and other public places outside lighting, can extend people's outdoor activities time, improve the safety of property.

LED light-emitting system: LED light source system includes: Heat, light, LED module.

Lamps: LED light-emitting system installed in the lamp. Line to make wire, take 1.0mm red, black copper core multiple strands, each section 6 40mm, two ends stripping 5mm, and dipped in tin. Do the lamp board lead, take yc2x1.0mm? Two-core line, cut a section of 700mm, the inner end peeling off the outer skin 60mm, brown line stripping head 5mm, dip tin; Blue Line stripping head 5mm, dip tin. Outer end peeling 80mm, brown line stripping 20mm, Blue Line stripping head 20mm.

Lamp pole: Led courtyard lamp light pole main material has: equal diameter steel tube, opposite sex steel pipe, equal diameter aluminum tube, cast aluminum lamp pole, aluminum alloy lamp pole. Commonly used in diameter, φ60, φ76, φ89, φ100, φ114, φ140, φ165, according to the height and the location of the different, the selected material thickness is divided into: wall thickness 2.5, wall thickness 3.0, wall thickness 3.5. (Above normal size)

Flanges and base embedded parts: The flange is an important component of the LED courtyard lamp and the ground installation. LED Courtyard Lamp Installation method: The installation of LED garden lights, the need to provide the standard flange size according to manufacturers, using M16 or M20 (commonly used specifications) screw welded into the base cage, and then at the installation site, the appropriate size of the hole excavation, the basic cage placed therein, the level of correction, The use of cement concrete water to fix the base cage, 3-7 days after the cement concrete fully solidified, you can install courtyard lights. (Note: The LED garden light base pouring when the embedded pipeline to be introduced).

LED Courtyard Lights developed to 21st century, widely used in urban slow lanes, narrow lanes, residential areas, tourist attractions, parks, squares, private gardens, courtyard corridors and other public places in the road or two books used for road lighting, improve the security of night travel to increase people's outdoor activities time, improve the safety of life and property. It can also change people's mood, improve people's mood, and can change the concept of people, create a dark and dark palette of the night. During the day, courtyard lights can be decorated with city views; at night, courtyard lamps can provide the necessary lighting and life convenience, increase residents ' sense of security, but also highlight the city's bright spot, the interpretation of bright style.


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