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What is unique about LED street lights?
Feb 11, 2019

Street lamps are an indispensable part of our lives. In order to meet our daily needs, our street lamps have gradually changed from ordinary street lamps to current LED street lamps. LED street lamps have more advantages than ordinary street lamps. Next, we will For your brief introduction. High-power LED cold light source is used to prevent damage to the object to be irradiated; light sources of different colors can be selected according to requirements; the use mode is the same as that of traditional spotlights, no need to change the interface; it can be used in harsh environments such as open air and high temperature and high humidity; low power consumption , environmental protection and energy saving, long service life and maintenance-free.

High brightness: The solar cell module is used as the luminaire's power generation system combined with the optimal angle design of the solar panel to provide sufficient energy for high-power LEDs.

High life: The life of solar modules and LEDs is up to 20 years.

Efficient and energy-saving: the use of solar modules to convert solar radiant energy into electrical energy, without the need for other energy supplies, zero emissions, no pollution.

Highly intelligent: all the switches are automatically controlled. The solar secondary road lights can reduce the output power of the light source to save energy when there are few pedestrians at night.

High safety: low-pressure products, no harm to the human body. High strength connection between the lamp bodies, high wind resistance.

High convenience: easy to install, no need for trenching wiring, can be installed at will. The LED street lamps produced by our company use high-power LEDs with bright colors, uniform brightness, low power consumption, long average time between failures and easy installation.


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