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Development Of Solar Energy Research Lighting
Nov 27, 2017

Mainly used to reward and support in the field of light source lighting study hard, the United States WA C China production base-Dongguan huaming Lighting Co., Ltd. recently with the Fudan University light source and lighting Engineering Department signed an agreement to set up a "Hua GE Award" the award awarded once a year. Effective students as well as teachers and researchers who have achieved excellence in teaching and research. At the same time, the United States WA C and Fudan University will also strengthen the two sides in the field of light and lighting technical cooperation and exchanges.
And in 2002 to "Hua Ge" brand into the Chinese market. This time "Hua Ge" and Fudan University Cooperation Agreement signed, WA Clighting. Co U.S. high-end indoor lighting market well-known enterprises. Will further promote cooperation and exchanges between the two sides to promote the development of science and technology in the field of lighting.
Greenpeace and the European Opto-Electronics Federation released a new landscape lamp market research speech, according to the relevant information reported. 2020 solar Energy will be able to solve the demand for about 1 billion people.
2020 years ago, the world's solar power will rise from the current 270 MW to 54,000 megawatts. The report notes.
But the premise must be that the parties concerned should provide sufficient favourable conditions for development. The rapid development of the solar industry will solve the employment problem of about 2.3 million people.
Now many big European companies are poised to send out, Greenpeace and the European Photoelectric Federation point out. Once the streetlights are provided with temporary financial guarantees from the government, large-scale investments in solar power will be made immediately. Many European governments have also made it clear that they will vigorously promote solar energy and remove many of the previous restrictions on the development of solar energy.