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High Luminous Efficiency Of Energy-saving Lamps Technology Breakthrough
Nov 27, 2017

Compared to the energy-saving lamps in the home building is quite common, so far. For example, replaceable bulbs (E27 ceiling lamps, recessed lights, ceiling lamps, etc.) are the areas where energy-saving bulbs are good. High-pole lamp on the market LED lighting products are still to MR16 series of lamps, refrigeration cabinets lighting, light strips, track lights, cabinet lights, landscape lights and arched lights, small night Lights and other applications. Comprehensive efficiency and price of two factors, the industry generally believe that LED lamps if want to replace the general energy-saving bulb, first LED bulb luminous flux must reach 1000lm ability to meet most of the indoor lighting needs, moreover, the LED interest must be reduced to 1 U.S. dollars per thousand lumens (usd$1/klm so talent to speed up the popularization rate.
LED lighting can be said to be the best application of the promotion effect at present. However, landscape lights on the development of the green energy industry at this stage. Overall, the popularity of LED lighting is still limited to the use of streetlights and commercial environment, home lighting progress is relatively backward. At present, home LED landscape lamp lighting used in LED lamp, LED lamp, the majority of indirect lighting is the majority of light. If subdivided then has the MR16 specification the inlaid lamp, E27 lamp specifications LED Bulb lamp, E27 lamp specifications LED Decorative lights, E14 lamp caps specifications of the bedside lamp, and so on, there are also many industry to launch related products, however, LED lighting to enter the family environment; In terms of price and efficiency, there must be some breakthroughs, especially high power LED lighting fixtures.
1.2 meters long LED fluorescent tube retail prices of nearly 200 yuan, the price. The same length of the radical fluorescent tube price is under 10 yuan, such a price difference naturally is absolutely LED lighting into the family environment, the biggest obstacle. However, the industry pointed out that with the naïve technology, in 3-5 years, LED lighting lamps will continue to reduce interest rates to meet the average consumer acceptable price, that is, 4060 yuan between.
The luminous efficiency of high power LED street lamps is also a big problem. Take 5w10w or 13WLED bulb For example, except the price. The luminous efficiency of the LED is about 50 lumens to 80 lumens per watt, but the actual light efficiency will be discounted because of the lighting structure, light type and other factors. Furthermore, according to a survey conducted by the Taiwan Foundation, 20 watts of LED bulbs are 12 times times as efficient as energy-saving bulbs, but under the same power, the brightness of the LED bulb is only 80% of the energy-saving bulb. In addition, the LED radiator size is too large, the color of the shortcomings also need to be improved.