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Led In The General Lighting Field Began To Be Relaxed
Nov 27, 2017

After shuffling the industry development environment is more healthy. Energy-saving, environmental protection, health, design and so on a series of advantages of the LED into the general lighting field trend will be irreversible. Although the 2011 LED general Lighting Market has developed rapidly, LED general lighting is still in the early stage of rapid development. But many solar street lights in the industry to the market penetration rate of 10% as a landmark event, and that the LED General lighting field penetration rate will be more than 10% in 2012 years, Thus, 2012 is defined as the year of LED general lighting. The development of LED industry has just started, and the market space in the future is huge. That the experience from the 2010 to the local governments to promote the overheated investment in the 2011 2-3 quarter of the industry harsh shuffle, the road funds to the LED industry awareness should be more rational, the overall development of the industry environment is constantly optimized. Moreover, technological advances and intense competition in 2011 have led to a sharp drop in the price of LEDs, according to Ledinsid's recent observation that the price of the international market is expected to be sweet (sweetspot, the best price acceptable for the market ( Instead of a conservative 40-watt LED bulb, the expected target price of $10 will arrive early in the second quarter of 2012, while the replacement of the traditional 60-watt solar street lamp has led bulb prices and is expected to reach its target in the first half of 2013. In short, the 2011 trough is the growth of the LED industry in the small twists and turns, the general lighting market in 2012 to open the speed will be accelerated, industry spring is coming.
Highlighting the government's high attention to lighting energy conservation. The National Development and Reform Commission on its website on August 8, 2011 announced China's phasing out of the incandescent lamp roadmap (soliciting opinions) and held a press conference. To prohibit the sale and importation of incandescent lamps of 100 watts and above for general lighting from October 1, 2012, It is prohibited to sell and import incandescent lamps of 15 watts and above for general lighting until October 1, 2016. An official announcement of the road map was issued on October 1, 2011, but the actual release date was delayed by one months than the original schedule. The National Development and Reform Commission issued an annual notice, a large number of announcements, but a separate press conference is quite small, reflecting the government's high attention to lighting energy conservation.
The market is also spread about the LED general lighting subsidy policy may soon be introduced. September 28, 2011, is expected to be followed by the introduction of LED lighting subsidy policy. This time the LED related to the inferior share of the above-mentioned policy of comfort outside. Shanghai Securities News reported that the Ministry of Finance and the NDRC and other competent departments to discuss the subsidies for semiconductor lighting products, and is expected to start in the fourth quarter, will give priority to the launch of indoor lighting and commercial lighting product subsidies, such as lamp, spotlights, And then gradually expand the scope of subsidies. On the global scale, at present, Japan, the United States, South Korea, the European Union and other parts of the developed countries are in the promotion of LED lighting products, including Italy's subsidies as high as 55% Australia, Taiwan and other places also began to promote street lighting projects. The government will propose a response to the alternative light source after the policy is clear on the elimination of incandescent bulbs. As one of the key development directions of China's seven strategic industries, the solar street lamp industry should be reasonable to obtain the Government's financial support in the future. It is expected that the timing of the subsidy policy on led general lighting is approaching. The official has recognized the technical and economic feasibility of LED general lighting. Believe that the road map, especially the following will be introduced by the LED lighting subsidy policy indicated: the official has recognized the domestic led industry in the technical and economic aspects of general lighting in the field of large-scale promotion of the conditions and basis. The application of LED general lighting field is about to accelerate.
But for the industry, though, there is a process of policy from promulgation to implementation. LED general lighting accelerated development expectations are very clear.
In the third quarter, the industry's two-point view three quarters should be the industry performance trough. From the LED industry listed companies published in the 2011-year-old quarterly look. Led listed companies revenue and profit growth is almost all the trend of decline. The main cause of the decline in profit growth, one is due to weak demand led to a sharp decline in the price of products; The second is the large number of domestic leading enterprises, about 3,000, so the majority of micro-small enterprises, this part of the monetary policy contraction caused by this small private enterprise funds extremely tight, high interest rate
Monetary policy has begun to be accommodative, looking at current policy trends. The release of the road map for the elimination of incandescent lamps and the expected increase in the LED lighting subsidy policy will accelerate the expansion of the LED market. Local downstream Enterprises Grassroots survey also shows that the demand for solar street lamps and display demand since October has been a steady rebound in the situation, only backlight demand is still not ideal. Comprehensive analysis, that this year three quarter should be led industry performance low point.