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LED Penetration Rate Gradually Deepened Landscape Lights
Nov 27, 2017

When the penetration rate achieves 100%, the future of the LED penetration rate gradually deepened. Large-scale new capacity in the market will be directly reflected in home lighting. Ordinary consumers of light quality requirements are very high, the consumption habits of each region is not the same, therefore, the extension of product diversity, improve product quality is also a major direction of future enterprise development.
Most of the special use of lighting and landscape lighting, such as the previous often used LED lighting. These lamps in the lighting market accounted for only a very small part, in the future led will be gradually infiltrated into the home lighting market. and home Lighting has a great difference, landscape lighting to the brightness requirements are not high, take street lamps for example. Most of the government marketing, the price sensitive level is quite low, from this point can also be seen LED landscape lamp in the market penetration of two factors one is technology, the other is price. In indoor lighting, luminous efficiency, color rendering and so on are the technical threshold.
With small power of white light products for example, the entire lighting product production process. Chip link in the entire product interest accounted for smaller. Lamp manufacturing and sales links are also high value-added links, because the current market channels have not been established, channel costs occupy the entire cost of about 25%. In other words, chips, manufacturing, channels including sales at present in the interest ratio is not much, which is currently in the field of LED lighting radical lighting enterprises slightly ahead of the LED chip enterprise reasons.
With the steady improvement of luminous efficiency, according to the 2010-2015 China Semiconductor lighting (LED industry investment analysis and prospects of the forecast speech) show. The higher the efficiency, the lower the number of LED chips used by the backlight light source, the same, the price of the LED chip will continue to decline, the cell phone LCD backlight with LED landscape lamp also exist this situation. In comparison, the home of ordinary lighting with LED market will continue to expand over a longer period of time. LED lighting Unique advantages will be praised, the entire lighting market is expected to expand further.