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LED Street Light Need Waterproofing And Corrosion Protection
Jan 10, 2018

Because the working environment of the LED Street Light is in the outdoor, the wind blows the rain, so the material of theLED Street Light is best to be waterproof and corroded. LED pole corrosion using surface galvanizing after spray treatment, corrosion quality compliance, the average thickness of hot dip galvanized layer is not less than 85 m, LED pole spray should use the high quality outdoor pure polyester plastic powder, the average thickness of more than 100 m, with uniform and complete and smooth surface, the adhesion to meet the requirements of the relevant standards.


The access door and pole LED pole axis parallel to the ground below, 400mm opened 320mm * 120mm access door to door door hole welding terminal; and the door cover edge is smooth, the door cover and the hole of the door and the door after the assembly clearance is not greater than 2mm, the door cover is interchangeable, and with anti-theft measures is effective and reliable the.