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Low-priced LED Backlight Is Faster Than The Largest European And American Markets
Nov 27, 2017

Although the commercial lighting market accounts for the largest European and American market, LED lighting market. Europe's growth momentum has slowed in the wake of the European debt crisis, but projects from the public sector or power plants have shown signs of growth. In particular, the United States, Australia and other places in the outdoor LED lighting, building lighting project number and scale has continued to improve, the United States in the East led street planning and project showed a significant growth, and the Australian power plant has been the release of the street Lamp label case gradually formed. LED Bulb lamp market is still with the Japanese market progress faster. As for professional lighting, plant and agricultural lighting (including UV hardening) freezer lighting, etc., will also be more and more attention by the industry.
Manufacturers of the production capacity of the low rate of the situation, a research and adjustment institutions statistics. 2011 LED Wafer Supply is still up to 174 billion, and wafer demand only 129 billion, oversupply ratio as high as 35% so most led manufacturers in the second half face huge inventory adjustment pressure. Moreover, there are more MOCVD machine capacity still not fully released in 2012, the status of oversupply will be exacerbated, only the patent threshold and High-tech content manufacturers.
The oversupply situation in 2012 was difficult to resolve in the short term, the agency said. However, the LED street lamp terminal market demand continues to grow fast, so 2012 will be regarded as individual manufacturers said, into the big people's constant elimination competition.
In addition to Seoul Semiconductor gradually with the international five major led factory to reach an interactive authorization, the ROK side. Samsung Electronics Group will also integrate Samsung led into the in addition to the technology can be closely coupled with the semiconductor sector, their own production of LED supply to Samsung Group mobile phone backlight and TV backlight of the proportion will be more effective to improve, coupled with the group's global distribution of marketing channels, its development of lighting brands are all led manufacturers strong opponents, Solar streetlights can only improve the technical content and the patent threshold to survive in this knockout.
2011 Global LED Backlight LCD TV (LEDTV shipments are clearly not as expected, looking to market demand. The total volume of LCD TV shipments has also been lowered from 220 million to 203 million, but with the 2012 Olympics in London, and TV brands offering low-cost LED backlight to stimulate demand, the number of LCD TVs in emerging markets is expected to rise.