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New Style Of Urban Landscape Lighting
Nov 27, 2017

Cities and people have their own style, once they have their own style, there is an infinite regenerative vitality. With the brilliance and charm of our life, we yearn for and aspire to a city, to a great extent, to the unique style of the city.
Urban landscape lighting is the display of urban humanistic culture and urban spirit, under the guidance of the scientific development view, the lighting environment construction is transcending itself, which is realizing the high starting point rule, high level design, high standard construction and efficient management. In the future urban lighting construction, should adhere to the "people-oriented" principle, vigorously promote the "green lighting" concept, pay attention to the scientific configuration of color, focus on protecting the city night sky, and strive to create a scientific, healthy, unique urban lighting environment.
The final evaluation of lighting project is to take human's visual effect as an important standard, so people's safety, comfort and identity should be put in the first place and the "people-oriented" will be implemented. In the lighting configuration adhere to the "no nuisance" as the criteria, local conditions, take the appropriate design, reasonable use of light color, daytime to avoid light pollution, so that the city Lights night and natural night sky into one. In meeting the functional needs of the foundation, emphasis on energy conservation, environmental protection and health, not blindly high brightness, many colors.
Led as the fourth generation of light source, we should grasp the characteristics of energy-saving, combined with its advantages, based on scientific view, concrete data as the basis, comprehensive to consider what is the most suitable for urban lighting application products. Do not blindly to "light" and to "quantify".
Under the joint efforts of our urban environmental workers, urban lighting will be fully developed, thus creating a more beautiful, more characteristic, more attractive, scientific and energy-saving, healthy and environmental, vibrant urban city "light" environment.