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System Optimization To Improve The Overall Efficiency Of LED Street Lamps
Nov 27, 2017

LED lights will be more and more widely used. In particular, with the global energy shortage problem increasingly serious, with the rapid development of LED technology and LED light efficiency gradually improved. LED lights will be a sure choice to replace incandescent, tungsten and fluorescent lamps. In addition, the interior lighting design, LED will tend to be intelligent, diverse and artistic.
Near the tipping point of the Earth's self-adjustment, the problem of greenhouse gas emissions is becoming more and more serious. Countries have issued relevant policies, the Governments of the world, including our country, must implement the energy saving and emission reduction (carbon dioxide) LED landscape lamp is the most energy-saving green light source, naturally become the main option of lighting energy-saving emission reduction, with the LED lamp interest and price gradually reduced, its popularity speed is also speeding up, Before 2020, LED lamp market share will exceed 50%
Lower the cost of LED lights
Thus the main way to reduce the cost of LED is to reduce the cost of LED chip. LED chips occupy the main part of the cost of LED lights.
The development of zinc oxide, gallium nitride and other new materials. In just a few years, the key to the development of LED chip technology is base data and epitaxial growth technology. The base data is made of traditional sapphire, silicon and silicon carbide. With the help of a series of technical improvements, including chip structure, surface coarsening disposal and multi quantum well structure design, the LED luminous efficiency has been greatly improved.
The cost of silicon substrates is low in the progress of technology. But at present the luminous efficiency is not satisfied, if adhere to this development speed, once reached a higher level, then the silicon substrate become the most important technical options become a certain choice, enterprises will also be a huge economic return.
Improve the light efficiency of LED lights
By using the reflective surface of the bottom to make more than 97% of the light output from the front, the solar street light efficiency can also improve the proportion of effective light. Thin-film chip technology can reduce the optical output loss on all sides. Make the electric energy conversion obtains the light most is the effective light, not only enhances the LED luminous effect, but also for the lens design to invent the advantageous convenient condition. Thin-film chip technology is the core technology in the production of Ultra bright LED chips at present.
Improve the color rendering of LED streetlights
A small local blue light has a longer wavelength after the Stokes shift occurs. This is a good thing, high brightness white light led. Because this makes the LED lamp manufacturers can use many different colors of the phosphor layer, thereby expanding the emission spectrum, effectively improve the LED color index (CRI using phosphor white led to the high CRI of the price because the Stokes displacement will cause white led efficiency lower than the monochrome LED street light efficiency. However, for most lighting applications, it is preferred to choose a high CRI and a slightly lower efficiency LED lamp. Improve the efficiency of LED lamp power supply
It is the constant current power supply controlled by the OP-release, whether it is a power supply with constant current control. To solve the problem of power supply. The switching power supply chip works when it needs a relatively stable DC voltage for its chip to power the chip's working current from a MA several ma ranged. Like fsd200ncp1012 and HV9910 this kind of chip is high voltage self-fed is convenient to use, but high-voltage feed, resulting in an increase in IC heat, because the IC to withstand about 300V DC, as long as a little current, even if a MA also has 0.3 watts of damage consumption of general led power supply but about 10 watts , the loss of LED landscape lamp a tile can be power supply efficiency pull down a few points. The typical QX9910 uses the resistor to pull the electricity, so that the loss is on the resistor, and about to lose it a tile. There is the magnetic coupling, is the use of transformers, the main power coil with a winding, like the auxiliary winding of the flyback power supply, this can prevent the loss of the power of the A tile. This is also why do not isolate the power supply to use Transformers one of the reasons, is to prevent the loss of the A Watts power, the efficiency will be raised a few points.
Improve the reliability of LED lamp system
LED overall efficiency, service life and reliability must be improved through the system optimization ability.
Select the appropriate color and output power. Light Source: compact and efficient.
Control and drive: the use of electronic circuits to achieve led constant current drive and control.
The application of the heat dissipation model calculation and new data new technology is the hot spot of LED landscape lamp. Thermal management: The LED node temperature must be controlled to achieve longer service life.
This depends on the design requirements. Optical elements: lenses, reflectors or light guide materials are focused on the target area or dispersed in four weeks.