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The Development Of Courtyard Lamp Embodies Energy Saving
Nov 27, 2017

But in some cases, energy saving is a prerequisite for the use of LED does not necessarily energy-saving. will be energy-saving, if these factors are considered, then led road lighting does have energy-saving effect.
But the LED road lighting is energy-saving, when it comes to the courtyard lights, the first thought is energy conservation. What conditions need to be able to truly save energy, the current entire industry to think about the problem "Lighting industry association expert Zhao at the seminar held by Philips said.
LED road lighting developed rapidly in recent years. has achieved a certain result, at the same time, people on the LED road lighting distribution, color temperature and other overall performance also has a new understanding, for example, the color temperature in 4000K and below led road lighting, more in line with people's visual needs.
Light concentration, led with low energy consumption. Color-rich, image changes and other characteristics, but some of the characteristics of the application of LED road lighting, is not an advantage, is precisely the weak.
LED Street lamp At the end of the festival is not energy-saving?
The three ministries in the tender documents stipulate the overall energy efficiency of LED street lamps 85LM But in fact many companies say it is difficult to achieve this indicator. At the end of last year.
If the light efficiency is effectively utilized, the 80lm is calculated. LED Street lamp 90% light all shines on the road that need, then the whole effective use of LED street lamp is 72lum/w
And if the effective utilization of high pressure sodium lamp is 80lm/w its overall energy efficiency use is 67lum/w and the light effect of high-pressure sodium lamp is 120lm/w its lamp result for the 70lm/w Road illumination Design code stipulation application in the road illumination Standard minimum efficiency is 70lm/ W so the use of high-pressure sodium lamp with respect to the LED is more scattered.
LED street light overall effect for 72lum/w and high-pressure sodium 67lum/w compared to the same conditions. Energy saving is higher. Compared with Philips Illumination COSM, because of its small luminous body, the photometric comparison is good, and the light effect is 140lm/w for road illumination. Under the same conditions, the efficiency of COSM lamps is about 5% higher than that of high pressure sodium lamps, the overall effective use value of 89lum/w Zhao to senior engineer led reporter analysis of three different lamps under the same conditions of the overall effective use of value.
COSM the most energy-efficient next is led and then the high-pressure sodium lamp, from these three data to see. LED does not cosm energy saving, but applied to the field of road lighting than high-pressure sodium lamp energy-saving.
such as hotels, residential buildings and other places, and led real energy saving reflected in the replacement of the radical incandescent lamp. Replace 20W incandescent lamp with 6WLED, can save more than 70%, if replace 100W halogen lamp with 25WLED lamp, energy saving also above 70% "Zhao to reporter.
How to save energy? LED energy saving potential where.
Led the biggest advantage is control flexibility, relative to high-pressure sodium lamp. Can change power "LED street lamp related experts said.
If you work 10 hours a day, the LEDs apply to the field of road lighting. After midnight is 5 hours, then the energy saving mainly manifests in the later half of the day. Due to the introduction of the garden lamp control system, by adjusting the voltage, can reduce the power of two-thirds. And according to the operation of the vehicle, automatically adjust the light, reduce power.
From this aspect embodies the energy-saving effect of LED road lighting. The regulation is a very good advantage of LED application in the field of road lighting.
The biggest characteristic of LED is that the single power is relatively low. For high-pressure sodium lamps, in addition. Originally this route does not need 250W possibly 200W to achieve the road illumination design demand. But the LED applies to the road illumination, may provide the 200W lamp.
LED due to low power characteristics, therefore. Not limited by the specification, can achieve the effect of energy saving.
LED road lighting Energy saving needs prerequisite conditions
may not use 400W light source, the backbone of the road. May 360350W light source can achieve design specifications, in this case, 400W high-pressure sodium lamp can not reduce power, it will appear powerless, and the use of LED street lamp can reflect its energy-saving effect "Zhao said that the regulation is led road lighting to achieve energy-saving a major factor.
A better energy-saving way, energy-saving conditions also embodied in its configuration of intelligent control. The courtyard lamp is coupled with an intelligent control system. Can give full play to the characteristics of flexible led control.
Easy to cause light pollution. LED road lighting to achieve energy-saving at the same time also take into account environmental factors, strong light source is also led a big special belt you but if not properly used. According to the specific road to design suitable lamps. For example, many enterprises produce a giant lamp, advertised its illuminance value is very uniform, but may not be enough brightness, and not necessarily suitable for road lighting "Zhao said that the use of LED road lighting also need to consider the visual needs of pedestrians and drivers.