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Three Difference Analysis Of The New And Old National Standard Of LED Illumination Street Lamp
Nov 27, 2017

National standard gb7000.203-2013 "lamps and lanterns $number: Special Requirements road and street lighting lamps" formally implemented on July 1, 2015, the standard will replace the use of 10 years of street lamp standard gb7000.5-2005. So what is the difference between the new standard and the old one? How should the relevant enterprises respond? The following will be answered for you in detail.

What is the difference between the old and new standards?
The new standard compared with the old standard, there are three main technical differences:

1, increase the maximum installation height marking requirements
The manufacturer shall indicate the maximum installation height of the product in the Luminaire specification. When the height of the mark is greater than 5 meters, the glass cover of the luminaire (if any) shall meet the safety requirements of the standard section 6.5.

2, modify the glass cover safety test requirements
The old standard only prescribes the test method of flat glass, and the new standard will also include the forming glass, which means that the lamp with curved glass lampshade also needs to meet the glass cover safety requirements.
Compared with the old standard, the new standard has added an optional conformity assessment method, which requires the glass cover to meet the following two conditions: (1) The glass can not be cracked after using a pendulum hammer or a vertical drop hammer to exert a shock energy of 5 joules on the glass cover. (2) Use the impact head to smash the glass, the number of glass fragments in the square area length 50mm should be greater than 20.
In addition, the new standard to the old standard of conformity assessment methods have also been modified. In the old standard, the method of conformity assessment is: After smashing the glass with the impact head, the number of glass fragments in the square area with the side length of 50mm should be greater than 60. The new standard only requires a glass fragment number greater than 40.
Please note the difference between this requirement and the requirements in the second paragraph. The number of glass fragments is more than 40 can be directly qualified, while the number of fragments greater than 20, but also to meet the 5 joules shock energy after the glass does not shatter requirements.

3, the glass cover should be used under the heat limit value
The glass cover shall be used by the glass manufacturer in the heat limit claimed. The heat limit should include the minimum and maximum allowable temperature of the glass and the maximum ΔT value.
What should the relevant enterprises do after the new standard is implemented?
After the implementation of the new standards, the relevant enterprises should pay more attention to the safety of glass lampshade, in the actual use of glass temperature changes should be ensured within the limits of heat limits. At the same time, for the molding glass, should use the glass including the curved glass to have the high safety, guarantees that once the fracture can break into the small fragment, reduces to the human harm.
After the implementation of the new standards, China's quality certification center is expected to release the latest version of the notice. Therefore, for the CQC has been awarded a voluntary certification of products, the relevant manufacturers should always pay attention to the Chinese Quality Certification Center website dynamic, timely completion of the certificate replacement work, do not because of carelessness and the product certificate in the failure state OH.

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