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What Is The Reason Why The LED Street Light Is Not On?
Mar 13, 2018

The LED lights do not light. Part of the reason may be that the quality of the lamp itself is flawed, but there are many other reasons.

The LED street light fault phenomenon usually shows that all LED street lights are not bright or only part of them are broken.

For the first kind of fault phenomenon: all LED street lights do not light, if the reason is that the mains protection switch trips, then it can be put up, if the power is still not on then it is generally the LED drive power failure, LED street light power is waterproof sealed power supply If it is broken, it must be replaced with new ones. The incomplete power protection function will directly affect the quality of LED street lamps.


The second failure phenomenon: only broken part, such as LED street lamp power supply for multi-channel constant output, which group may be broken, the other is the LED chip is not good, or LED lamp heat dissipation is not good cause LED chip burned, it is also possible Is the drive or power supply board damaged, or some LED is disconnected and other LEDs are not properly powered.

There are many reasons why LED lights do not light up. Many times, you can't simply judge the source of a fault by simply looking at it. Especially in the case of a large area of LED lights that are not lit, we have to Ask a professional to conduct a careful inspection to try to eliminate hidden dangers and avoid similar problems. Not only that, if you want LED lamps to run without any trouble for a long time, you should not only carefully select the lamps, but also use them regularly after use. LED street lights are tested, and the best efforts are made to avoid hidden dangers and to ensure the safe use of LED street lamps.